Digital Marketing Setup Flowcharts

I love flowcharts. I love maps. I love trees. I love stars.

And i know marketäng.

Now let’s combine that into illuminating infographics.

I started playing… …and kept playing… …and will keep playing 🙂

Here’s my first result, print it out and hang it on the fridge, the wall above your bed or just keep staring at it in fullscreen mode 🙂

Digital Marketing Setup FlowchartClick image or this link to get to the high quality version of this image.

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McGrinsey Clients 2017

I’m always interested in new clients – if you are aware of any interesting companies that might need my help in digital marketing just write me an email to right away 🙂

John - Johannes Jähnke
Hi 🙂 Yeah, that’s me, you can call me John 🙂

Current clients


Avesu is a vegan shoe ecommerce company.


This is the logo of United letters showing a little girl reading a book and the company name United Letters. is a publisher of personalized books.



Completed missions


Kilenda is an online shop where you can rent kids clothes. helps you to repair your smartphone as fast as possible.



Magine TV helps you to stream TV to all your devices.


Check all McGrinsey clients of 2016 over here.


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McGrinsey Clients 2016

I had the pleasure to work with some wonderful clients in 2016 – enjoy exploring 🙂



Avesu is a vegan shoe ecommerce company.



Kilenda is an online shop where you can rent kids clothes.



Enerkeep is helping users to choose the solar energy storage system that is perfectly matching their needs.



Magine TV helps you to stream TV to all your devices.



Glossybox is a very successful beauty subscription service.



Anke Runge is designing and creating handbags in Berlin since 1997. These awesome bags are available online now.



Healing Garden Tenerife is producing a variety of herbal extracts on the Canary Islands and shipping them worldwide.



Hocaboo – your Hotel Career Booster.
Hocaboo is a match-making app for the global hospitality industry and the global hospitality workforce. Wanna work in top hotels in Australia starting next week? Hocaboo it! Work for top hotels in Europe? Go Hocaboo!
South America? Hocaboo it!
Asia? Hocaboo.
Earht? Moon? Mars?
Just Hocaboo!
Hocaboo – your Hotel Career Booster. helps you to repair your smartphone as fast as possible. Just select your device and automagically shows you the best repair service options. DIY? You don’t need to do anything yourself, but if you are curious has got you covered with the right tutorials and spare parts just one click away. So, the next time your smartphone is “kaputt” you know where to go:

If you are aware of any interesting startups and green economy companies that might need my help in digital marketing just write me an email to right away 🙂

Happy Clicking,


How to find that extra time to hunt that bonus life, while spending 8 hours with your family every day?


After a long day of longish longiness – what’s left to say?

How do you cope with being a dad, having a family, loving your loved ones and getting things done at the same time?
Self-Management. Self-Discipline. Timetables. Tasklists.

Sounds strict?
Sounds like prison?
Sounds like an escape plan to me.

How do you manage your own projects, your freelance clients, your future business in preparation, your wife’s various future business experiments – while having a 5 month old baby and sharing the household work with your wife?


My current timetable looks like this:

  • 07:00 – 10:00 = Babywatch
  • 10:00 – 12:30 = Worktime
  • 12:30 – 13:30 = Family Lunch
  • 13:30 – 15:30 = Babywatch
  • 15:30 – 18:00 = Worktime
  • 18:00 – 20:00 = Family Supper and Babybedtime
  • 20:00 – 24:00 = Optional Bonus Worktime
  • 24:00 – 07:00 = Sleep

This gives me 2 basic blocks of 2,5h focus time to work for clients or on my own projects. Optionally i can add 4h crunch’n’punch bonus hacktime until midnight (guess what i’m doing right now). This leaves me with 7 hours of sleep, which doesn’t seem like a good idea on the long run, but is way better than 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Overall i can get 9 hours of focused work time out of each weekday. That adds up to 45 hours per week. That sounds a lot and looks like a normal full time job at first sight, but in reality i have to solve quite some non-focus-time routine-tasks during that time, depending on what happens during babywatch that might be as trivial as brushing my teeth or washing the dishes. One thing i’m trying to do is to stick to this schedule and then get better every day at doing more things in the same time, or simply cutting things off that don’t matter enough – killing all attention killers.

Hey – and that gives me 8 hours per day with my baby and my wife. Not bad.

So, what am i getting done right now? How do i use my precious time? That changes daily, of course, but let’s look at today and yesterday:

  • Working for my friend and client Curro on his business development, tech setup and marketing hacktivities. That is consuming a lot of time right now as i’m administrating everything on his Shopify-Webshop and preparing the whole Marketing setup at the same time, from zero, like setting up Google Analytics including Conversion Tracking, setting up Google Adwords including Conversion Tracking, setting up Facebook Business Account with a Facebook Page and a Facebook Ad Account including Conversion Tracking, plus the according Facebook Campaigns, the UTM-Parameters with the according Naming Conventions, of course the Adwords Campaigns, tons of Emails back and forth about questions about all these subjects and more – like Payment Provider Integration, Mailchimp Setup, everything down to editing images for Ads – a lot of work, but exciting as well – we’ll see where this business is heading for – but one thing is sure: i’m putting quite some work into this, learn a lot while running and keep my mind sharp and up to date on the newest buttons inside the Googleverse and the Facebookvana. Did you ever set up UTM-Parameters for Email-Signatures? We did 🙂 We still have tons of things to do in all areas but it feels awesome when your Shopify Mobile App notifies you with the sound of ringing cash register that another order is in. Have a look at the status quo in case you are curious:
    And feel free to throw ideas on growing that business into the comments or into my inbox 🙂
  • Outlining and discussing business opportunities with my wife, she’s a restless mind like me and doesn’t want to live life as a pure mommy-machine. I get that. And we are trying to hack a nice little business for her. This is still work in progress and will most probably some workshop business model, think yoga classes, singing classes and various DIY workshops. For that we still need one or several websites, or at least some sort of online signup solution – possibly one page sites with and eventbrite link for the beginning.
  • I’d love to be learning even more and spending even more time on acquiring more skills, but that’s not happening right now – i’m learning what i’m working on, and that’s quite enough.

Time’s up.

That were 30 minutes of self-reflection. Not too bad for the beginning. I’ll keep you posted 🙂


Ultimate Blogging Platform Shootout 2016

And the winner is: you.

What’s the best blogging platform in 2016?

Who is winning the race?

Is there a race at all in the end?

Didn’t WordPress already conquer 50+% of the internet?

Didn’t you write that WordPress sucks a few weeks ago?

Yes, i did, before i stumbled down the rabbit hole and ended up on a completely unproductive odyssey that got me attracted to and trapped on the islands of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) blogging platforms like,,, (which actually isn’t a blogging platform but a social network), Tumblr, Weebly, Jimdo and of course

Why the hell did i do this to myself?

Because i believed that there must be a good looking, easy-to-use, hyperfast hosted and totally indestructible blogging platform that incorporates all best-in-class features that make creating content that matters in and with them a wonderful experience. With a one-click setup. For a reasonable price. And of course my blog must be running on my own domain in a subdirectory – just like this WordPress installation that you are perceiving right now is indexed to the interwebs on the easy to remember URL that makes perfect sense from an SEO perspective as well:

Yes, i’m definitely willing to pay a reasonable amount of hard earned eurobucks to pay for a blogging platform that does it all. But i’m not willing to, listen up, pay 100$ per month for a managed Ghost Pro account that allows me to run the Ghost blogging engine in a subdirectory. I would have paid up to 20$ per month for that service in the blink of a click. I could have installed a self-hosted version of Ghost, and i actually tried that, but i ran into an amount of work that in no way justifies the possible benefits. Which benefits again? If i’m self-hosting i can as well run with a proven and tested WordPress installation that takes me just a few clicks at pretty much any webhosting account in the world. For a self-hosted Ghost installation i need my own dedicated or virtual private server, which i need to administrate, and in case i’m starting from scratch i need to install a whole operating system from scratch, install and configure a webserver software, a database software and a ton of interdependent software packages that are required by Ghost – and of course i need to install Ghost itself, which is under heavy development, changing a lot and doesn’t have gigantic community like WordPress that consists of millions of individuals who happily answer even the most arcane WordPress setup question or possibly already created a tutorial covering your question before you even asked it. To summarize the self-hosting Ghost experience: it was a self-ghosting experience.

So, why am i writing this? Why am i so crazy about running my blog in a subdirectory? Why ain’t i happy with running my blog on a subdomain, which is relatively easy to do with, and other managed blogging platforms. Why is a URL like


or simply


not good enough for me?

Am i so special?

No, i’m just following common sense and way more importantly the laws of SEO. The laws of SEO state that each and every piece of content that you ever create should take up permanent residence in a subdirectory of your domain, and never rot away on a subdomain. Why is that so? Because every link that anybody might point from their website to your website counts as a signal to the holy Google search engine and influences your ranking in the Google search results. SEO guys call these links “Backlinks”, because they are pointing from somewhere in the vast ocean of the interwebs back to your website. Backlinks are SEO gold. Even if search engine technology is evolving every day – at time of writing aka on 2016-03-11 18:06 cet no search engine in the world can rank websites by topic relevance without taking the backlink profile of that website into account. Long story short: backlinks to blog posts in subdirectories help your domain to rank better. Hosting a blog in a subdirectory is the only setup that makes sense from an SEO and content marketing perspective. Period.

Fast forward: here i am, happily blogging away on a self-hosted WordPress installation.

Blog Platform Shootout 2016 comparison spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

To be continued… …NOT.

I simply have to admit it: it’s not doable to generate the ultimate blog platform shootout for me, at least not now. The simple answer is: use whatever gets you up and running fastest, even if you have to ditch on some SEO bonus by running a blog in your subdirectory. For me that single fact was a no go area, my personal border patrol yelling at the moon “I want my blog on my domain in my subdirectory.” That’s where i drew my line. I know that there might be a technical workaround to host any external URL in my subdirectory via a decent reverse proxy setup, but i simply don’t have the time to learn that right now. So, taking into account my own line in the sand plus time constraints i came to the point where i had to make a decision. Which was a self-hosted WordPress in my case. Does the job for now.

What did i learn?

I shouldn’t seek perfection, but prefer a solution that works right NOW.

I need to know what i want and where i draw the line.

Can we shorten that?

  • What do i want?
  • I know where i draw the line.
  • How can i get it fast?
  • I don’t need perfection.


  • Wants.
  • Go fast.
  • No perfection.

Damn, that’s actually quite close to the Zuckerberg meme: “Move fast and break things.”


  • I know what i want. It needs to work. And i need it fast. I’m trading time for quality. It needs to be good enough to meet my requirement threshold.


  • I need a solution: as simple as necessary, but not simpler.


As simple as necessary.