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Under heavy fire swiftly mind his moves. Matrixbending daily he is. Patternrecognition on hyperflowdrive. #time #once #was #a #thing #until #major #key #breakthrough #warped #into #oblivion #what #once #we #knew #and #held #dear #and #true #timewarp #hacktivated #beam on #beamer #dreamer #diamond #dragon #deathdefying #hyperadaptive #system #rockthematrix 👾via Instagram👾

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“I’ve got so many facey, i need a mirrorball to shave.” #liberator #multimindset #mindovermatter #because #the #mindiswhatmatters #multisplit #mindmandala #mandalf the #mandalawizard #mazillion of #eyes are watching as i step into the #arena of #infinite #memewars #survival of the #splittest #shatter the #mirror and then “Pick up, pick up the broken pieces.” “Snap your fingers, snap your necks!” ~ Prong And now: John with the program. Gram like a pro wizze pro-gram flow. Funk the bots. “Don’t believe the hype…” #instaphilosophy 👾via Instagram👾

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#Dauerwerbesendung Me on #SegaMegaDrive #PixelArt #PartyPlan 🎬 #Monstagram = #Massive #Multiplayer #Multimedia #MetaMirror #MandalaMindscape #80s #90s #Videogame #Kidz #Lost in #Hyperspace Hittin’ #Highscores like it’s 1979! #Tilt #Multiball #Rewind & #Reboot #READ #ReadyPlayerOne Straight from the #Stacks 👾via Instagram👾

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Instagram hates text. People love text. Some. Still. Do. Text was once brand-new. There are stories about Socrates really hating the written word and calling it the end of culture, saying that people would lose their capability to memorize things once they can write everything down and look it up all the time. Then text took over for 2000 years. And nowadays some people claim that the social media revolution gives us new tools to express ourselves beyond the power of text. And yet others complain that “the internet” will end the era of books, and that people will become stupid because they don’t read books anymore and instead browse in multimedia-caleidoscope-mandala-meme-mosaics all day and all night and all life long. Well, just send these book-lovers to Socrates to get their brain whooped. But back to the power of expressing ourselves beyond the use of the cultural tool of text. So now we are at the beginning of the times where it is possible to express ourselves with images, videos, animations – from everywhere – at any time. But why do i still love text when these new media tools are so awesome and powerful? Because text is still very strong – and simple. You only need a stick and some earth to write in. You can scratch text into surfaces. You can pour ink in lines on surfaces. You can paint text. AND you can use text on your smartphone. Text is everywhere. Text is the true source code of current culture: code of laws and computer code. These things rule the world. These things define the framework we are living in. Text is our cage. But text is our freedom. Text is pretty much as free as it gets. That makes it so powerful. Text can live without batteries. Text can live without version upgrades for centuries, or millenia. Text is strong. How many Instagram-Streams will still be alive in 100 years? How many books will still be alive in 100 years? I guess we have a clear winner here – of course there’s a slight chance that your digital debris will still wander around the everweb, just like those old Myspace-Accounts of which you lost the password. #txt #instatext #instathoughts #livejournal #realintelligence #whatwillbethenameofmybook txt > igram 📜 👾via Instagram👾

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I enjoy my newborn tradition of posting 3 posts per day on my instagram stream. Not hashtag-optimized, though not hashtag-agnostic neither – just no #caring too much about the perfect composition of hashtags. 3 times the same image – save me some time. 3 times the same image – keeps my instagram 3-column-matrix stream clean, in case that still matters to anyone. But it matters to me, because symmetry matters to me, to the extreme sometimes, it just triggers happiness and satisfaction inside me. That’s why i love mirror lab so much – it just makes mirroring images really enjoyable – and does a way better job at that then photoshop. Who would ever have thought that some cheap one-trick-pony app from the infinite android app store would ever perform valuable tasks way better then photoshop can? The thing is: writing in smartphones still sucks, it just can’t compete with the writing speed of a real keyboard. Typing and writing on smartphones slows me down – and i absolutely don’t like to be slowed down by external factors. Speaking about time: i’m watching my hands as i write this – and – they grew older. How sad that part of the perspectives of my life is watching my own hands on a keyboard, and that part of my memories will be watching my hands on the keyboard growing older over the years in front of various screens. Typing away magic into text-files, social networks, chat messages, emails and what not – hundreds of thousands of words, and so many of them wasted. Wasted into the digital abyss. Never to be seen again. Never to be honoured the way they would deserve. 👾via Instagram👾

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RI? IR. I are baboon? Are i? RI. Real Intelligence. After ranting about #Instagram #Instaspam an depicting it, in poor quality wording, as a failed, crippled, destroyed social network, i’ll return today with some love for Instagram. Social Networks make the benefits of communication technology easily accessible for the masses, for everyone, for me and you. That’s the good side – we can talk to each other (well, we could do that before), we can show pictures to each other (well, we could do that before), we can exchange written words (well, we could do that before), we can exchange videos (well, Youtube is way better on that) – well, we can hang out, and randomly tap on hashtags and follow #random topics that seem interesting to us in the give moment. But it’s pretty hard to link back to certain items or moments in that experience. It might as well still be an awful waste of time – if – you – do not enjoy – IT. Yes, you can enjoy this, and isn’t it ok then? Of course it’s OK. But is it great? Does this add value to humanity? Yes, it’s still part of the before mentioned multiplayer mirror that you are currently looking at, or into. It’s the social abyss. It’s a collection of everything human. It’s the social heaven. It’s the social hell. And all of this has been said before a million times better. I really love words. Some say i have a way with words, sometimes i say words have a way with me. They pass by my mind’s eye, they grab my attention, the morph into all their possible permutations, they display all their possible meanings and associated concepts and just keep caleidoscoping all around my cortex. So what am i supposed to do? Ignore those words? Or play with them. Engage with them. Wrestle with them. Fight them. Or surrender to them in case i’m not a native speaker. Whatever that means – native speaker. I am a native speaker. I am a native of planet earth – and i speak. So, i speak for all natives, for all naives, for all dreamers, for all who were born and alive right now, when i say: Real Intelligence will prevail for quite a while. Well, that was a crappy line after that build up, and a crappy end for a crappy post on #crapstagram 👾via Instagram👾

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Warum poste ich 3 mal das selbe Bild? Warum nicht. Es ist ein geiles Bild. Einfach, aber fantastisch im Farbwechsel, in der subtilen Abstufung der Schattierung, und dadurch in der tiefe. Verschnörkelt, aber kristallklar und scharf. Ursprung ist eine Sonnenblume, daher die lebendig geilen Farben. Dann einmal durch eine x-Fache Spiegelung gejagt, ein paar Parameter verzwirbelt, und fertig ist das Supercomputer-Mandala. Also, zusammenhängender Text lässt sich schlecht über mehrere Instagram-Postings verteilen. Coole Links zu anderem Material lassen sich auch nur begrenzt einfügen. Ich hatte mal an ein Text-Adventure auf Instagram gedacht, rein über unique Hashtags verlinkt, nach dem Prinzip: #zzzquest1 Du stehst am Eingang einer Höhle. Was machst du Höhle betreten: #zzzquest2 Umdrehen und wegrennen: #zzzquest3 Einen Stein in die Höhle werfen: #zzzquest4 Auf mein Handy kucken und ein Bild der Höhle auf Instagram posten: #zzzquest5 Natürlich bräuchte es ein wenig Vorarbeit / Notizarbeit, aber so ließe sich auf einem eigenen Instagram-Kanal letztendlich ein Spiel erstellen. Ganz klassisch im Stil von Text-Adventure-Büchern bei denen man von 1 zu 13 zu 65 zu 265 springen kann um eine Geschichte durchzuspielen. Aber das sprengt gerade meinen Zeitrahmen – ich denke das wäre sicher ein interessantes Propaganda-Instrument für welchen Zweck auch immer. Wofür habe ich denn gerade Zeit: – Mich – Partnerin – Tochter – Haustiere: Katze, Fische, Hühner, Kaninchen – Garten – Arbyte, hat da jemand Arbyte gesagt? Ja, für die habe ich auch gerne Zeit, solange mich dort niemand durch die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit vom Arbeiten abhält, ich flowe mich gerne durch komplexe Probleme und rocke anderen Leuten ihr Marketing, aber ewig drüber quatschen BEVOR ich irgendwas neues ausprobiere: ohne mich – Und dann war da noch diese klitzekleine Nebenprojekt einer freien Schule die ich gerade mit anderen zusammen gründe, das wird ein Spaß, insofern Ende ich mal mit ein paar Hashtags dazu: #freieschule #freilernen #schulfrei #schoolsoutforever #hurradieschulebrennt #oldschool #newschool #trueschool #noschool #yesschool #schoolwithouttheschoolpart #schulpflicht #bwahahahahaha #future 🙂 👾via Instagram👾