Instafeed February 17, 2019 at 12:05AM

#shakestagram #cröshing it in #2019 it’s on like the #universe As i’ve got totally less than zero time to express the amazing awesomeness i experience every nanosecond of my life, i’ll spend some anti-seconds on anti-social-network-spasms aka postings of post-social-network-era social-networks. Period. Perdu à Peru. I-n-i in #infinity #smashtags #snakestagram #startuplife #startups #socialmediamarketing #instagrammarketing #growthhacking Never stop playing. Looks like an exciting year already: finally founded a company for magic marketing hacktivities and am in the process of founding a democratic school that hyperboosts free learning for free minds (German: check status on the tiny site ). On top of that rocking the day with the family, of course. Did i mention chicken & rabbits? And the garden? So, when is crush-time on Social Media? At night. 👾via Instagram👾

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