Instafeed February 27, 2019 at 11:15PM

RI? IR. I are baboon? Are i? RI. Real Intelligence. After ranting about #Instagram #Instaspam an depicting it, in poor quality wording, as a failed, crippled, destroyed social network, i’ll return today with some love for Instagram. Social Networks make the benefits of communication technology easily accessible for the masses, for everyone, for me and you. That’s the good side – we can talk to each other (well, we could do that before), we can show pictures to each other (well, we could do that before), we can exchange written words (well, we could do that before), we can exchange videos (well, Youtube is way better on that) – well, we can hang out, and randomly tap on hashtags and follow #random topics that seem interesting to us in the give moment. But it’s pretty hard to link back to certain items or moments in that experience. It might as well still be an awful waste of time – if – you – do not enjoy – IT. Yes, you can enjoy this, and isn’t it ok then? Of course it’s OK. But is it great? Does this add value to humanity? Yes, it’s still part of the before mentioned multiplayer mirror that you are currently looking at, or into. It’s the social abyss. It’s a collection of everything human. It’s the social heaven. It’s the social hell. And all of this has been said before a million times better. I really love words. Some say i have a way with words, sometimes i say words have a way with me. They pass by my mind’s eye, they grab my attention, the morph into all their possible permutations, they display all their possible meanings and associated concepts and just keep caleidoscoping all around my cortex. So what am i supposed to do? Ignore those words? Or play with them. Engage with them. Wrestle with them. Fight them. Or surrender to them in case i’m not a native speaker. Whatever that means – native speaker. I am a native speaker. I am a native of planet earth – and i speak. So, i speak for all natives, for all naives, for all dreamers, for all who were born and alive right now, when i say: Real Intelligence will prevail for quite a while. Well, that was a crappy line after that build up, and a crappy end for a crappy post on #crapstagram 👾via Instagram👾

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