Instafeed February 27, 2019 at 11:24PM

I enjoy my newborn tradition of posting 3 posts per day on my instagram stream. Not hashtag-optimized, though not hashtag-agnostic neither – just no #caring too much about the perfect composition of hashtags. 3 times the same image – save me some time. 3 times the same image – keeps my instagram 3-column-matrix stream clean, in case that still matters to anyone. But it matters to me, because symmetry matters to me, to the extreme sometimes, it just triggers happiness and satisfaction inside me. That’s why i love mirror lab so much – it just makes mirroring images really enjoyable – and does a way better job at that then photoshop. Who would ever have thought that some cheap one-trick-pony app from the infinite android app store would ever perform valuable tasks way better then photoshop can? The thing is: writing in smartphones still sucks, it just can’t compete with the writing speed of a real keyboard. Typing and writing on smartphones slows me down – and i absolutely don’t like to be slowed down by external factors. Speaking about time: i’m watching my hands as i write this – and – they grew older. How sad that part of the perspectives of my life is watching my own hands on a keyboard, and that part of my memories will be watching my hands on the keyboard growing older over the years in front of various screens. Typing away magic into text-files, social networks, chat messages, emails and what not – hundreds of thousands of words, and so many of them wasted. Wasted into the digital abyss. Never to be seen again. Never to be honoured the way they would deserve. 👾via Instagram👾

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