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Instagram hates text. People love text. Some. Still. Do. Text was once brand-new. There are stories about Socrates really hating the written word and calling it the end of culture, saying that people would lose their capability to memorize things once they can write everything down and look it up all the time. Then text took over for 2000 years. And nowadays some people claim that the social media revolution gives us new tools to express ourselves beyond the power of text. And yet others complain that “the internet” will end the era of books, and that people will become stupid because they don’t read books anymore and instead browse in multimedia-caleidoscope-mandala-meme-mosaics all day and all night and all life long. Well, just send these book-lovers to Socrates to get their brain whooped. But back to the power of expressing ourselves beyond the use of the cultural tool of text. So now we are at the beginning of the times where it is possible to express ourselves with images, videos, animations – from everywhere – at any time. But why do i still love text when these new media tools are so awesome and powerful? Because text is still very strong – and simple. You only need a stick and some earth to write in. You can scratch text into surfaces. You can pour ink in lines on surfaces. You can paint text. AND you can use text on your smartphone. Text is everywhere. Text is the true source code of current culture: code of laws and computer code. These things rule the world. These things define the framework we are living in. Text is our cage. But text is our freedom. Text is pretty much as free as it gets. That makes it so powerful. Text can live without batteries. Text can live without version upgrades for centuries, or millenia. Text is strong. How many Instagram-Streams will still be alive in 100 years? How many books will still be alive in 100 years? I guess we have a clear winner here – of course there’s a slight chance that your digital debris will still wander around the everweb, just like those old Myspace-Accounts of which you lost the password. #txt #instatext #instathoughts #livejournal #realintelligence #whatwillbethenameofmybook txt > igram 📜 👾via Instagram👾

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