Instafeed March 12, 2019 at 10:11PM

How do modern marketing mechanics manipulate your mind and the hivemind, the mass-mind, the collective mind? I made some explorations recently. #deepdive #propaganda #analysis #geostrategic #brainwashing #marketing #mindhacking #ghosthacking #pr #marketingmechanics #brainhacks #bigbadhashtags In this gigantic and seemingly infinite meme-mashup-maelstrom of magic mandala media mindcsapes – how do you stop yourself from drowning in useless information? Maybe by getting over the idea of “useless” information. Your brain is stronger than you think. You can take this – easily. You are an informavore. You eat information. The amount of information we exchange is a distinctive characteristic of humans and humanity. This makes us what we are. It is a good idea to watch out which information you are consuming, but on the other hand you don’t want to constrain your informavoristic experience to tightly, just take a bite of all these tasty topics from time to time, browse, wander, wonder, be amazed, be disgusted, be happy, marvel at the mindscape of the collective human media output. Amazing. We will come up with VERY unexpected solutions for todays problems. Climate-Control? Terraforming? Damn sure is coming. Fossil fuel free society? Damn sure is coming. Copyright free society? Maybe shmaybe – one day – the sooner the better. World peace between humans? We’ll make it happen. Might take a while, though. But we are already quite a lot of #supernice humans 🙂 👾via Instagram👾

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