Pirate Market Fit

Pirate Market Fit

I stumbled across a few powerful startup growth tools in the last decade.

This is my humble try at remixing 3 powerful approaches into one:

SOGS + AARRR + PMF = Pirate Market Fit

I will elaborate on this moonshotsoonish, in the meanwhile just lay back and watch the 3 underlying concepts as they are presented by their original creators.

SOGS = State of Growth System

2019: Phil Libin presenting his state machine that answers all startup growth questions, which i labelled pirate SOGS.
Pirate SOGS. Pirate State Of Growth System. All humans on planet earth mapped to your startup. Work on every arrow and measure progress in absolute and simple metrics. Grow.

AARRR = Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue

2007: AARRR! – Startup Metrics for Pirates by Dave McClure in 2007

PMF = Product Market Fit

2019: Product Market Fit Engine by Rahul Vohra

That’s it for today.

Coming soon: how i integrated these 3 concepts into 1 magic remix that does it all.