Startup Data Sources & Metrics

Stuff you want to integrate into your brainflows.

The problem is not the general availability of data, but the digestible aggregation and presentation of data.

Please suggest more data sources in the comments or via email to

Energy first

Energy monitoring
DE – current electricity production
DE – installed electricity production facilities

Health data

COVID-19 vaccination progress monitoring:

Business data

Worldwide business statistics aggregators:

German business data aggregators:

Tech-Stack monitoring for the WWW-Ecosystem:

Traffic Monitoring for the WWW-Ecosystem:

Marketing Technology Monitoring by ChiefMartech:
2020 -> 8000+ MarTech Companies

Business Analysis
Gartner – Research & Advisory

Geostrategic Analysis
Stratfor Worldview

Startup databases:



Startup Maps


Startup News

Startup News Global

Startup News Germany


Approaches to monitoring the startup ecosystem:

  • Monitor newly registered businesses via web services built on top of official business registries. Especially monitor businesses newly registered with known startup investors in the cap-tables.
  • Monitor news
  • Monitor podcasts
  • Monitor social media
  • Monitor VCs
  • Monitor Producthunt
  • Monitor HackerNews
  • Monitor Digital Nomand Hotspots
  • See how Pitchbook does it

World development data

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) @Wikipedia
SDG measuring: Targets & Indicators @Wikipedia



Google Trends

Google Public Data Explorer

Google Knowledge Graph

Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling & Stones

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