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Table of contents

1. True Transparency
2. Hypernet
3. Flashboards
4. Elonites
5. German sector

True Transparency

I started creating the most transparent digital agency on the planet.

Very soon you'll see all my revenue streams, clients, partners and our activities live on this site. Here's a first version.

Current status - last updated 2020-02-12:

Company clients & cashflow

  • Currently helping 4+ small to medium-sized companies
    • -> Online shop for fair & vegan shoes
    • Biokiste -> Organic Food Delivery Services "from Farm to consumer"
      • many low revenue, high maintenance jobs with high on-/off-volatility
      • in close cooperation with the consulting agency 360ff i help these companies with their digital marketing
        • Active:
        • Active:
        • Paused:
        • Active:
        • Active:
        • Paused:
        • Paused:
        • Paused:
        • Paused:
    • -> Travel startup website and app specialising on short trips
    • -> B2B marketplace for logistic solutions
  • Currently ~10.000 € in the bank
  • Currently ~13.000 €/m Revenue
  • Currently ~8.500 €/m Costs for my salary, services, freelancers and software
  • I'm currently very actively enhancing my network of freelancers / partners -> write to if you want to work with me on the future of digital marketing and get paid

Private cashflow

  • My salary -> 7.000 €/m
    • Company pays 1500 €/m income tax straight to the tax office
    • Private: i receive 5500€/m in my personal bank account, which immediately evaporates in the cost of living in a rich country, as an entrepreneur and as a family
    • 2300 €/m Rent (currently moving -> double rent)
    • 1000 €/m Insurances (869€ mandatory)
    • 1500 €/m Food & Family
    • 400 €/m Car (total cost of ownership: fuel, repairs, taxes, insurance)
    • 5100 €/m private monthly cost in total, which leaves me with 400 €/m for the things i forgot to mention here.
    • So, does this make me rich? Yes, this makes me relatively rich in a global comparison, but definitely not rich in a local comparison, and still my private bank account bounces back and forth around zero.
    • And this doesn't include any retirement plan.
    • Well, i guess i shouldn't have started this website, because it makes me realize that i need more money, despite a 5500€ salary. Which sounds super crazy to me, because there were times in my life where i lived on less then 100€/m, had a lot of time and therefore was quite happy - but i tend to forget that - it was definitely annoying not being able to simply buy the food you want.
    • Which immediately makes clear why we all need transparency: it makes things visible and enables understanding.

Moving on

I'm guided by the goal of increasing happiness for all beings.
Along the way i aspire to transform business models, companies, brands and markets to align with the 5-Win-Principle.


  1. Win for customers
  2. Win for employees
  3. Win for shareholders
  4. Win for society
  5. Win for the ecosystem

I currently work with a strong focus on digital marketing and task-management-optimization for decentralized teams.

I started remixing aspects of the following projects:

Remote-Level: High.
Payment-Level: High.
Transparency: Low.

Open Startup -> KPI live on site.
Remote-Level: High.
Transparency: Very High.

Freelancer network agency.
Remote-Level: High.
Int. transparency: High.
Ext. transparency: Medium.

Freelancer network agency. Core team: 200+ Freelancer network: 2000+
Remote-Level: High.
Transparency: Low.
Fairness Index: ?

Fashion Ecommerce
using transparency marketing
Price transparency: mid
Factory transparency: mid
Transparency: mid
Fairness Index: ?

D2C tea-trader since 1985.
Very high transparency.
Transparent pricing.
Transparent sourcing.
Fairness Index: High.

How to become hypercreative and hyperproductive?

The answer is: Hypernetworking.

Brains are nice.
The internet is nice.
The hypernet is hypernice.
The hypernet is a deeper integration of the internet and our minds.

Did i say neuralink?
Neuralink is fueled by the idea of increasing the output bandwith of our brains to a new level of evolution.
Neuralink is trying to create a new link between our internal world of thoughts and the external world.
Increasing the output bandwith?
Since ages we are developing new techniques of transmitting information from one meta-mind to another.
Yes, each one of us is already the collective consciousness of all the cells in our body.
I am the metamind of all cells in my body.
My body?
My cells form a collective body, and i am their metamind.
My body owns me.
Well, i am my body.
Well, me, myself and i.
Well, we, are...
And many.
What about the hypernet?
And what does all that have to do with my humble hacktivities as an adventurer on the vast dataseas of the intertechstack?
It is: connected.
I am trying to create the infrastructure that forms an early stage precursor of the collective interconnected hivemind of humanity.
The tech that i'm using: people.
People and processes.
I am building the backbone of future economic cooperation.
In a petry dish.
In this petry dish i'm growing a tiny hypernet holon of highly interconnected hyper-net-workers.
In the beginning this might just look like a slightly advanced marketing agency with a decentralized network of free entrepreneurs.
Free adventurers.
Free minds.
Using the hypernet to co-create hyper-value for our customers.
The processes and people that form the hyper-net-working create one "unfair advantage" in comparison to the existing competition.
The hyper-transparency forms another important aspect.
In other terms this could be described as an open source agency: processes, people, customers and cashflows are visible to everyone.
Funny enough, this is not a new vision and started taking shape in my mind about 20 years ago, when i didn't know a lot about business and cared even less.
Back in the days i came up with the following term:
"Organic Organization of metatasking multimedia masterminds"
Well, that's pretty much it.
With the difference that i'm now a metamind with 20 years more experience.
And this experience hopefully enables me to be successful on my journey to a hyperperforming hypernetworking holon.
Hy fellow hypermind :)
Happy to have you reading this much of this hypertext :)
Until the McGrinsey hypernet holon is fully established you can simply write me an email to john@mcgrinsey or message me to +491604861837 via WhatsApp / Telegram / SMS, well, or call me under the same number.
Or keep enjoying the journey through the landscapes of my hypertext by clicking on one of these fascinating hyperlinks...


Seeing is believing: Hypernet Dashboards

"We've come a long way baby..."

"There's no way we can track all that data and put it live on an online dashboard."

Whenever people tell me this, i like to refer to 2 sectors where we are already doing that all the time: Energy & Weather.

On the website you can see the live output of energy production in Germany down to the last kilowatt-hour.

On sites like or we are tracking live weather data with powerful visualizations.

I want to bring the same level of transparency to my company, and hopefully to the whole economy.

I don't have a perfect plan, but i know that first we have to see things, so we can talk about them.

I'm on a journey to map the unknown world of unmapped processes, and then optimize whatever process we uncover along the way.

So we can all travel more safely from the awesome now to an even brighter future.


If you follow the hacktivities of the Elonites you are already on the right path to discover infinite awesomnity:

  • Neuralink
  • Space X -> multiplanetary species
    • Reusable rockets -> cheaper access to space
    • Starlink satellite network -> fast internet for all
  • Tesla
    • Energy
      • Batteries
      • Solar
    • eCars
  • Hyperloop

Welcome to the German sector of this page.

Just like the internet: Constantly being updated since 1973.

Moving to it's own language section soon - still 100% legit and accurate to date.

Online Marketing Beratung & Umsetzung

Aufbau und Leitung von Marketing Teams

Beratung, Umsetzung, Leitung

Beratung & Umsetzung für sämtliche Online Marketing Kanäle und Methoden.

Aufbau und Leitung von Marketing Teams.

Marketing Audit

Was machen wir richtig? Was machen wir falsch? Was fehlt?

Ich überprüfe euer aktuelles Marketing und helfe bei der Verbesserung.

Marketing Umsetzung

Tracking Setup

Channel Execution (Tracking Setup, Campaign Creation, Monitoring, Optimization, Reporting)

Marketing Report

Marketing Recruiting

Ich sehe welche Fähigkeiten in eurem Team noch fehlen und finde die passenden Leute.

Ich rekrutiere auch komplett neue Teams. Ich stehe bei der Besetzung entscheidender Positionen zur Seite.

Marketing Training

Ich trainiere bestehende Teams. Ich trainiere neue Teams. Ich trainiere Einzelpersonen.

Ich führe Teams zur unabhängigen Selbststeuerung.

Marketing Erfahrung, Kanäle & Methoden

Ecommerce, SaaS, Apps, Marketplaces, Lead Generation.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, Youtube Ads, Retargeting, Price Comparison Engines, Native Ads, SEO, Content Marketing, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Growth Hacking, Print, TV, Radio, Out-of-Home, Flyer, Package Inserts, Events, Concepts, Creatives, AdCopy, Claims, Brandnames.

Zeit ist das höchste Gut.

Ich rette euer Marketing und eure Lebenszeit.
Meldet euch einfach jetzt gleich bei mir,
dann treffen wir uns zeitnah und es kann losgehen :)


McGrinsey leaves...

...the smile stays :)