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McGrinsey Metamorphosis

Welcome to the McGrinsey Wiki :)

This page is morphing in asynchronous space-time-hops as my company is transforming, from me as a 1-alien-workshop to a multi-nerdimensional-singularity-tribe aka a company consisting of employees and a deeply integrated network of freelancers.

You are welcome to explore my / our notes on marketing, business and the universe. Click Ho!

McGrinsey, Me, Myself and I

Welcome to the mindhome of Mad Marketing Professor John :)

Who am i?

  • Age 00-20: Optimized my skills as a pro-kid for 20 years in Bonn, Germany.
  • Age 20-30: Optimized my freedom. Optimized my free mind and my free time for ten years as a freelance webdesigner.
  • Age 30-35: Optimizing my career. Worked in online marketing at, and (by now known as
  • Age 35-40: Optimizing the happiness of my clients as a freelance Online Marketing Consultant, covering a spectrum from E-Commerce to Apps to SAAS. Random example clients are, and Check the About me section for a full list of clients.
  • Age 41-??: Transforming myself from a freelancer into a company.
  • &Now: Optimizing YOU! :)

What i can do for you:

  • Online Marketing Service & Consulting
  • Newschool Business Development: i can check, tweak, optimize and enhance your Business Model
  • Connect you to interesting people
  • Answer your questions: Write your questions to

What can you do for me?

  • Hire me as a freelancer
  • Hire me as an employee
  • Connect me to interesting people
  • Ask me an interesting Marketing/Startup/Business question to challenge my mind: Write your question to

What are my goals?

  • Optimizing the planet with a positive business approach.
  • Better Marketing
  • Building better Online Marketing Tools
  • Making tons of money doing awesome things and investing it in even more awesome things.
  • Transforming companies into 5*Win companies
  • Helping to turboboost global education levels
  • Building the Replicator
  • Building the Beamer

In that Order.

Rethink, Reimagine, Reboot, Reset, Rehacktivate: Marketing.


A collection of Newsfeeds that will save you a lot of time, just bookmark and skim once a week to stay up to date.

Behind each link a lot of feeds get loaded at once, so give the page 5 seconds to load, then enjoy the awesome information overdose :)



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Stand back!


"Shake the caleidoscope!"


Warning: Constant caleidoscoping can lead to vast amounts of new inspirations and insights that need to be contained in a: