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ASO = App-Store-Optimization

Let's focus on the Apple and Google app stores.

App description text optimization

Classic ASO is basically SEO for app stores: you write an awesome description and drop a ton of relevant keywords in there.

App review management

If you care about managing your review rating in the app stores, here's a common way to get good reviews:

  • In-App push message
    • Do you like this app?
      • IF the user's answers let's you conclude that the user would give the app a five star rating, THEN ask user to review the app in the store and send user there
      • IF the user's answers let's you conclude that the user would give the app rating lower than five stars, THEN don't send user to the app store, instead collect his feedback internally

App store managers relationship management

App stores have managers.

If they like your app they can feature your app inside the app store in various ways - this is in invaluable.

Build a relationship with the app store managers.

It is disputable if this is actual ASO, but if you get your app prominently featured inside an app store this will give you an amazingly better effect than keyword tweaking.

A prominent feature inside the Apple App store can give you hundreds of thousands of downloads in a single day - so be prepared and have your customer service ready on those days :)

ASO tools

To understand the app store marketplace dynamics and the changes of your position inside the ongoing app storm some help that goes beyond the tools that the app stores offer you might come in handy.

Make sure you track every relevant event inside your apps.

Some things you might want to track:

  • Your market standing
    • App store rank
    • Downloads
  • Your competitors market share
    • App store rank
    • Downloads

Try some tools to track the metrics most important to you and choose the one you love most:

  • App Annie, free trial available
  • App Figures, free trial available
  • -> App Store, a keyword research tool for app stores. Free basic version without login available.
  • Gummicube
  • Tune
  • Mobile Action
  • AppCodes
  • AppTweak
  • SearchMan
  • Sensor Tower
  • MetricsCat
  • AppRankCorner
  • Split Metrics
  • ASO Dragon
  • Mopapp
  • App Data
  • Preapps
  • CodeNgo

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