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  • I worked with all major and many minor networks across the world from A like Affiliate Window to Z like Zanox.
  • Best case scenario for Affiliate Marketing: Crowdsourced content marketing.
  • Worst case scenario for Affiliate Marketing: Getting eaten alive by brandbidders and couponcritters without realizing it. Watch your click!
  • Extreme Affiliate Marketing Setups: Evolutionary Warfare vs. Shut 'em Down!
  • Affiliate Marketing: Second Smart Strategy
  • Brand Bidding
    • Tools to hunt down Brand Bidders
      • Manual Analysis
      • Adpolice

Public Affiliate Network vs. Private Affiliate Network

Long story short: in a professional setup you want to use your own, private affiliate network software / partnership system.

Anyway using a public affiliate network can be a quick trick to buy some random traffic to your site, but only if you are offering above average provisions, which in turn attracts scammers, spammers and all kinds of shady publishers using weird and fraudulent ferengian methods.

Public Affiliate Networks

AWIN = Affiliate Window + Zanox

AWIN is a global, multi-lingual affiliate network and the result of merging the networks of Affiliate Window and Zanox in March 2017.