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Yet another acronym out here to confuse the heck out of people: CRM.

Customer Relationship Management.

Have a look at the all powerful Wikipedia

So, theoretically CRM means a lot of things, but somehow, in reality, in most companies it simply means: Email Marketing.

How comes that CRM is not CRM but Email Marketing - aka writing Newsletters and creating rule-based Automailing-Setups?

I guess it's because CRM is such a wobbly term that it can basically mean everything from customer support to how your landing pages look, because, guess what, your customers are seeing your landing page, so landing pages are a part of the relationship between your company and the customers, and so landing pages should be controlled by the CRM team. Not.


Who cares?! Just call it Email Marketing. Or EMM. Or EMA. Or EM@. Or E@M. But why CRM?

So - i'll be calling it Email Marketing for the sake of sanity & simplicity.

If you want to read about Email Marketing feel free to do so on the Email Marketing page of this wiki.

If you insist on CRM, stick to the Wikipedia article for now, until i find the time to enlighten you further on the subject.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Is the word. Not Bird.