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This is a hack in progress. Stand back. Shake the caleidoscope. Rethink. Reimagine. Reboot. Reset. Rehacktivate. Really Awesome :)

This is a RAW collection of RAW throughts that might get ordered into their according sections in the future.

If you have questions on online marketing and surrounding subjects: contact me via Social Networks.

And now - enjoy the rawness :)


Marketing Strategies / Concepts / Learnings

Pull Marketing vs. Push Marketing = Search Marketing vs. Create Demand

  • Catering existing demand costs you 1/4 of creating demand
  • Push Marketing Cost = 4 * Pull Marketing Cost

From Tracking to Targeting. Track and Learn. Target and Burn.

  • Tracking: You have to track what you are doing to learn everything you can about your customers.
  • Targeting: The better you understand your existing customers, the easier it will be to target new customers.

Sectionizing: Split & Conquer

Asking questions?


I want to ask questions that might push things a little bit forward.

  • Is Online Marketing the new Business Development?
  • What's the difference between Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship?
  • General Online Marketing Principles
    • Split & Conquer
    • 80/20
    • Optimized Personalization
    • AB Test Everything
    • Create Awesome Content
  • Postive Business Principle
    • Win*2 vs. Win*5 Companies
  • States are Operating Systems, Companies are Apps

So, i want to tell stories about business, online marketing, society, science and technology.

Stories and Visions.

How to boost up humanity to create the replicator.

  • Global Education Accelerator
  • Startup & Online Marketing Bootcamp Principle
    • Scalable State-Independent Education Models / Setups / Principles / Units