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Get ready to get your mind blown. Away!

But be warned: you will never find your jaw again because it will drop through a black hole to the bottom of the universe when you read this!

This is content.

Check your buzzword bingo.

Just write good stuff, create awesome images and videos: that is the actual bottom line.

But, of course nobody cares about the bottom line and wants: incredible Content Marketing Strategies.

So, here we go:

  1. Market Research & Keyword Research => Demand Research
  2. Identify Need / Demand / Intent of your users
  3. Satisfy Need / Demand / Intent of your users by providing absolutely awesome content that solves their problems andor makes them happy :)
    1. Make it shareable
    2. Gather feedback
  4. Rewind & repeat
  5. Set this up as a continuous process from end-to-end with nice howtos and manuals for your employees / co-workers / team-mates / crew.

Easy way: set up a separate room inside your company, fill it with a multitmedia production studio and a bunch of creative young people and let them go crazy. See what happens, guide, optimize: get awesome.

Yes, yes, i know, reality can be slightly more complicated and you actually have no money, no time and no ideas - and that's why you should stop trying to start content marketing. You are just not ready for it.

But if you are willing to invest some time and ressources: let's roll.

Overview Slideshows:

Content Marketing Management Tools


Come on.

Think a few clicks further...

...have a look at Contently:

Content Marketing Links

No, this is not ordered yet, this is the Interwebz! This is on the line!

Content Marketing Workflows - How to create content that matters?


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