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Ecommerce Challenges & Solutions

  • Onsite Search
  • Recommendation / Upselling / Cross-Selling
  • Navigation
  • Category Trees / Dynamic Category Trees
  • Pricing / Price Marketing

Online Marketing for E-Commerce

First focus on Search:

  • Google Adwords
  • Comparison Shopping Engines
  • SEO
  • other PPC

Of course have your dynamic retargeting running all the time.

Of course do your email marketing.

Work on your conversion rate optimization.

Go Facebook Display Ads.

Once you are through with all these channels and did some landing page evolution, dare the next big step:

  • Display

Go Youtube.

If you are done with your display machine - go offline marketing: TV, Radio.

Ecommerce Google Adwords Setup

Example Account: Ecommerce

This Google Charts OrgChart uses a Google Spreadsheet as a data source and displays a possible configuration for an Ecommerce Adwords account setup.

You can click on nodes to highlight them and doubleclick nodes to collapse or expand them.