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The Network asks, i answer :)

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How do i setup my own webshop for designer clothes in Berlin?

I would recommend starting out the easy way with a platform like shopify.com, which offers you a complete webshop with all major features needed to start fast and learn along the way:

What's the cost of online marketing?

You can start online marketing tests for as little as 100€ and go all the way to spending millions of euros per month. The good thing about online marketing: you can track your success. And if you know that something works and it brings you a good ROAS (Return on Ad-Spend) then there's normally no reason to stop spending money - because the more you spend, the more you earn. Very simple. Very powerful. But be aware, it requires detailed preparation to set up your tracking correctly so you can learn from your experiments by turning the tracking data into reports, and these into new experiments until you find the perfect marketing formula for your particular market and business model.

What is a backlink?

If a website is linking to your domain we call that a "backlink". Rule of thumb: The more high quality backlinks your domain has, the higher it ranks. If you want to know more details you are welcome to ask more questions or to start reading more on SEO.

How do i get to Google Position 1?

You need a lot of high quality backlinks and other positive ranking signals. You get these by being an authority on your subject.