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If you can't earn likes you can try to buy them.

If you can't generate fans organically your product is possibly of average quality.

Change your business.

Not convinced?

Then open the box of clicktricks and: make them click.

Create upworthy, clickworthy, shareworthy, superuberholy clickcrazing zombocom triple-hit-combo CONTENT.

Buzzfeed, playbuzz, viralnova, you name it: from follow the buzz to drive the buzz.

Don't ride the buzztrain, build it.

Scan. Recognize patterns. Analyze.

Learn from the history of hype.

Optimize technical factors: titles, images, word-count vs. images, attention-span, ...

Optimize emotional factors: personal, powerful emotional writing and imagery, videos, audio

You still can seed your awesome content, but it has to be good enough to run on its own once you hyped it up with a little investment from your FBS budget-gun.