Google Adwords Campaign Naming

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Use abbreviations of predefined character length.

Semantic analysis of your keyword cloud. Identify semantic clusters. Associative arrays. Identify intent.

Product. Properties. Pricing. Profit. PURPOSE.

Play. Start out somehow somewhere - but start. Start evolving. From zero to awesome.

Play and find out what works best with your campaign reporting.

1 Adgroup = 1 Keyword, therefore the Adgroup Name can be identical with the Keyword, this takes out one organization layer but makes things easier.

Actually it might be one of the bigges Adwords flaws: allowing more than one KW per adgroup.

On the other hand: play freely.

Try crazy things like:

  • 1 campaign -> 1 adgroup -> 1 kazillion keywords, then optimize solely on keyword level and forget about the seemingly inevitable structure of campaigns and adgroups
  • 1 campaign -> 1 adgroup -> 1 keyword
  • 1 campaign -> 1 kazillion adgroups -> 1 keyword each

But if you are not in the mood for experiments: quit adwords.

To not leave you in the freezing rain any longer, some examples might help confusing you further and therefore facilitate campaign naming enlightment at the end of the funnel:

  • AS_
  • AD_
  • GDN_
  • GSC_
  • GTX_


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