Google Adwords Editor 11

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First impressions and first thoughts on the new Google Adwords Editor 11:

  • Column for "Subcampaign Type" is missing
  • You can not set the campaign priority setting for Google Shopping Campaigns in the campaign settings
  • Campaign Negative Keyword Lists in Shared Library are neither viewable nor editable
  • Still no cool editing options for Google Shopping Campaigns?
    • ... wait ... not all is lost ... maybe there is hope ...
      • Select GSC campaign or GSC adgroup
      • Select Keyword and targeting in the left navigation window
      • Select Product groups
      • Okay, looks promising, will have to test if i can import new Product groups there...
  • Still doesn't download Conversion Values
  • Can not filter by Performance Data


  • 2014-12-16: Importing empty campaign names rows from excel creates - - - an empty campaign without a name. In the older versions these lines where automatically removed.