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Just add magic.

Official Adwords Scripts homepage:

Official Adwords Scripts forum:

Google Apps Script:

General Adwords community

Adwords Scripts Random Linkbox

Adwords Scripts by Russell Savage on github:

Monitor broken destination urls / broken links via Adwords Scripts on MCC level:

Monitor ad disapproval reasons in a spreadsheet

Monitor and Update Adwords Campaign Start and End dates inside Google Calendar:

50 Accounts Script Limitations:

Reducing Errors by Retry-Loop:

Google Javascript Styleguide:

Adwords Scripts Household Names

Russell Savage

Follow Russell Savage on his FreeAdwordsScripts Blog, github and his blog posts on SearchEngineLand:

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is known to the world for innovative use of the Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Adwords Scripts:

Anash Oommen

Anash Oommen, Adwords Scripts Team at Google:

Official Adwords Scripts Announcements Log

Adwords Scripts Companies

Adwords Scripts Examples

Just a few links from the official example list.

Google Adwords Reporting inside Google Spreadsheets with Adwords Scripts: