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Words are the key to keyword kingdom.

Whoever rules the keyword rules the market.

Pull, pull, pull: instant traffic.

Text-based CPC worldwonder.

Use it. Wisely.

Use it - to train your team.

Use it - to collect insights on your users key-needs, key-demand, key-intentions, key-wishes, key-dreams and you will find the key to their soul.



The art of SMS.

Microblogging to the power of 10.


So little space. So many restrictions fuel innovation.

CTA. You. Prices. Break up the reading flow. Stand out. Repetition. Simple. Repeat the facts of your service. Name the benefits. Solve problems. Enter the conversation. USP. USP. USP. Do Adbattles. Write crazy ads for fun and to break the pattern - yes - to break your own pattern. Write the best ad possible for every keyword. One KW, one Ad.

Maximum granularity.

Split and conquer.