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This place where your users end up after clicking on your expensive advertisement in some weird online marketing channel.

From the stars to the gutter?

Can your landing page keep up with the promise of your ad copy?

Does your landing page repeat the ad copy message?

Does your landing page create trust?

Are you using trust signals?

  • testimonials
    • quote
    • image
    • audio
    • video
  • user reviews
  • other users, herd effects, social signals
  • local signals: in your city, available in your area
    • geolocation of user -> according images and texts
  • big brand logos
  • big media brand quotes
  • trust seals

Support? Feedback?

Pro-active onsite chat helping the user?

Instant callback?

This landing page is the one magic place - do everything necessary to keep them there and move on from there down the long journey to the end of the funnel!