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Native Ads

Update: The term Native Ads seems to have won the battle :)

CRA = Content Recommendation Ads

  • Content
  • Recommendation
  • Ads
  • C
  • R
  • A

First Contact

"Read More Ads"?


That's my name for ads that are placed in the "Read More" section of online magazines.

If you've got a better name or know the "right" name, let me know and i will upgrade this page accordingly :)

Networks providing access to RMA:

Alternative names for this ad format?

  • Content Context Sensitive Article Recommendation Ads CCSARA :)
  • ARA = Article Recommendation Ads
  • RMS = Read More Section ads
  • RMA = Read More Ads
  • RMSA = Read More Section Ads
  • ARA = Article Readmorecommendation Ads
  • RADS = Readcommendation ADS
  • CDA = Content Discovery Ads

Plista calls this

I don't get the "native" in this wording, but it sounds cool :)

Outbrain calls this

  • Amplify
  • Promoted Stories
  • Actually they didn't come up with a matching term, but they talk a lot about recommendations as well.

Closing in:

  • I herewith conclude that the word "Recommendation" should have it's part in the term.
  • And as the ads/recommendations are placed in a matching content environment - we'll use the word "Content" as well.
  • And because it's advertising, we'll use the word "Ads".
  • CRA = Content Recommendation Ads

Now let's google that in phrase match mode "Content Recommendation Ads". Hits on Google:

  • 2014-11-11 _____ 33.200 results

Random SERP links for "Content Recommendation Ads" on 2014-11-10:

"You might also like" ... this shit ... "from around the web".

Promoted Stories.

Note to self: the term "Native Ad" appears a lot in the context.