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My personal bet is on atomic precision manufacturing promoted the last 20 years by Eric Drexler aka the father of nanotechnology and creator of the word itself. Goal is the replicator, aka a 3D-printer with atomic precision that can create EVERYTHING. As soon as we have replicators we are basically ready for space travel and can delay the problem of overpopulation to the point where we don't fit into this universe anymore :) And that is why i spend my time on making money to fuel global education that boosts my replicator project and similar projects worldwide.

Of course we all know that the replicator might not happen anytime soon, but it won't happen anytime sooner if we don't work on it.

No matter if Eric Drexler is right, or somebody else is right, as long as we keep pushing the thoughts in the right direction we'll sooner or later end up with a solution.

So, what's my personal roadmap to the replicator?

  • Make tons of money
  • Turboboost Global Education Level so i've got more Engineers & Scientists available
  • Build replicator with all the fresh baked Engineers & Scientists of the future

There are a few steps in between though, as soon as i have the time i'll outline them here for you :)

In the meanwhile, just follow the Wikipedia-Trail on the subject and check the news.