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Search Engine Advertisement

Basic Principles

  • Split & Conquer: target as granular as possible.
  • Campaign Naming Conventions make monitoring, reporting and controlling so much easier.
  • 80/20
  • Automated bidding is not always the best solution.

Google Adwords

Campaign Naming Convention

Heavily depends on your business.

Assuming an international setup i'd go for something like this

  • AS_CAT_cDE_gDE_CategoryID_HumanReadableComment
  • AS_CAT_cUK_gEN_zip12345_CategoryID_HumanReadableComment
  • AS_GDN_cFR_gFR_zip12345_

I guess this convention could be extended to cover all possible targeting options in Google Adwords Search, Display & Youtube Network.

Account Structure

  • Use MCCs
  • Get used to a multi-account setup
    • Don't worry too much about account history, if something doesn't work: scrap the account, open a new one.
  • Split, split, split...

Example Account: Ecommerce

This Google Charts OrgChart uses a Google Spreadsheet as a data source and displays a possible configuration for an Ecommerce Adwords account setup.

You can click on nodes to highlight them and doubleclick nodes to collapse or expand them.


Adwords Scripts

Adwords Scripts by Russel Savage:

Adwords Scripts at Optmyzr: