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"Tools, tools, tools - everybody keeps talking about tools. Fools?!"

Tools do not solve hard business problems automatically. By now.

Best example: task management tools.

People tend to think that all they have to do is sign up for a new tool and then the chosen problem is solved:

  • Got an SEO problem? Sign up for a SEO tool.
  • Got a task management problem? Sign up for a task management tool.

The misunderstanding in this approach is: the work doesn't stop with signing up for some tool - it starts there.

In task management you still need to think about who is going to do what, which tasks are important and have higher priority than others - and you need one or several people who are orchestrating the whole task-o-rama. It's a great idea to do task management, and it's a great idea to use a tool for that - but it's facepalmbeach-stupid to think that just signing up for a task management tool will bring order into your chaotic company: you still need to put in work, energy, focus and time to use that tool.

Getting 100 tools means you need to handle 100 tools. And possibly you need to pay them as well. Doh!

Anyway: tools are awesome and help to excel in the tricks of the trade in a great range of use cases.

"Rule your tools - or your tools will rule you." ~Abraham van Nonsensium

ASO Tools

-> ASO

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing


Checkout the Instagram Marketing section.

SEO Tools

Your best SEO tool is your brain in unlimited curiosity boost mode :)

It's more about the process than the tool - like - you still need to use the tool in creative, wise and wicked ways.

This one helps a lot: study successful sites :)

Multitools - status monitoring and progress tracking

  • Google Search Console (+Supermetrics)
  • Sistrix, 100-500€
  • Moz (+Supermetrics)
  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs, 100-1000 €/m
  • Semrush, 70-550 €/m
  • LRT - LinkResearchTools, 150-1800 €/m
  • Searchmetrics, 1000+€/m

Linkbuilding tools

People who link to you are the best tool.

Use your brain to incentivize them.

Keyword Research


  • DeepCrawl - basic fee + credits
  • Screaming Frog

Competition and site quality checking

  • Similarweb
  • Moz toolbar Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

Content Inspiration Tools

  • W-Fragen Tools
  • WDF*IDF Tools




  • (from 100€/m)
  • Seolyze (40€/m, Free Trial 30 days)
  • Sistrix (from 100€/m)
  • Xovi (you have to enter a reference URL there, annoying!)
  • Searchmetrics

WDF IDF Tool comparisons:

Order WDF*IDF text via -> Managed Service

SEO Tool Lists

List of Lists of SEO Tools




New marketing toys that need exploration and explanation:

  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Atlas -> Placement Targeting via FB ID
  • PerfectAudience -> DynamicRetargeting
  • FB Custom Audiences -> in FB Retargeting (Lookalike Statistical Twins)
  • Amazon Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing

Other Toys:

Google Tools:

Website Creation:

  • -> Click & Build -> Webpages, Blogs, Shops

Social Media Marketing Tools

Affective Signals:

  • Track real human emotions in real humans' non-verbal communication signals - amazing!

Flowcharts / Business Process Design


  • uxpin
  • balsamiq
  • sketch
  • photoshop

Business Intelligence / Reporting / Data Visualization Tools

Equity & Shares

  • wants to help you to track who should have how many shares in your company. 14 day free trial.



Image editing software

  • GIMP
  • Photoshop
  • Canva

Image compression

Google Guetzli

Keep your images small and beautiful with Guetzli by Google if you want to keep your website fast (2017-03-23):

Stock photos and videos


Not so free:

  • Shutterstock
  • Getty
  • istockphoto

Logo creation services

  • autogenerates you a new logo in seconds. This doesn't replace a designer, but it's great for quick hacks :)


  • Screenflow
  • Camtasia
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Final Cut