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What the Wimmelbild is a Wimmelbild?


World Wide Wimmelbild.

Wimmelbildung is a very important part of german education :D

So, what do Wimmelbilder have to do with Business Model Optimization, Online Marketing Innovation and the holy grail of E-Commerce Gamification?

Let me try to explain, dear friends :)

Etymologie des Wimmelbildes

Wimmelbild, Wimmelbuch, Wimmelbilderbuch :)

History of the Wimmelbild in German and English speaking countries

German Wikipedia:

English Wikipedia:

Historic Paintings

  • ...

Famous Wimmelbild creators:

Digital Age Wimmelbilder

  • 16-Bit Wimmelbilder



  • Ali Mitgutsch, the first best selling Wimmelbild-book author in Germany. I think there are tons of better books than his by now, but as he influenced thousands of kids childhoods he will stay on this list.
  • "Wo ist Bruno?", that's the German edition of "Where's Wally?" / "Where's Waldo?".
  • Anne Suess
    • XXL size
      • 1997 - Das riesengrosse Bilderbuch
    • Normal size
      • 2014 - Mein Wimmelhaus
      • Mein großes Wimmelbuch Tiere
      • Wimmelbuch Märchenland
      • Das große Wimmelbuch
      • Das große Jahreszeiten Wimmelbuch
      • Weihnachts Wimmelbuch
      • Sachen suchen auf der Baustelle
      • Der große Arena Wimmelbilderspaß zum Suchen, Finden und Entdecken
      • Weihnachtswimmelkoffer


Digital Wimmelbild

Where's Waldo went online:

There are interactive Wimmelbilders you can browse and where the gamification goal is to spot a list of 40ish items - for example on the "The Beach":

Gamification Elements?

  • Zoom in / Zoom out
  • Checklist
  • Progress Bar
  • Random Easter Egg Entertainment Animations

Wimmelbilder in Marketing

2012 - Where's Wally Wimmelbild used for a Wembley Stadium marketing campaign: