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I appreciate being able to write these lines on this wonderful machine.

This machine full of wonders.

Generations and generations of my ancestors worked hard for hundreds and thousands and millions of years for me being able to share these thoughts.

So, here i am, according to the current self-perception of our times i am a human, born in 1979, in a geographic sector called Germany. The local society is running on an operating system abbreviated “BRD”, consisting of a bunch of rules, some rule-enforcement-agencies, and some rudimentary rule-creation and rule-editing process.

I was born during the early stages of the information-revolution and am part of accelerating it even further.

During these times we have organizational structures called “companies” – and i’m currently running one of these.

My company specializes in helping other companies to succeed in reaching their economic goals.

Furthermore me specialize in the sub-topic of marketing, which i often rephrase as the art of “efficient attraction of attention to your cause”.


It’s 1500 in the afternoon, Berlin time. Time for a video call with a client company.

This time: inventing & evolving transparency marketing.

It’s coming:

09.06.2022 - 14:31 Uhr
09.06.2022 - 16:31 Uhr

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