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Trying to clear my mind – one more time.

Quite some projects going on that i want to share with the world.

I am still freelancing as a digital marketing consultant and am in the course of expanding that business (separate company).

I am focussing on supporting sustainable business with my digital business consulting and marketing skills – i will do that mainly on the German market with a separate sub-brand called ÖQ.

I am exploring new ways to create a beautiful home for our family, like, we want our own piece of land of beautiful nature and create our own DIY-eco-housing-paradise there, think tree-houses, hobbit-houses, yurts, tents, hammocks, swings, ropes, tunnels & tons of fun.

We are a freelearner family aka doing freelearning / unschooling / roadschooling / worldschooling – which forces us to think and act way out of the box, which we like most of the time, but not all of the time.

I recently visited 2 gatherings in Europe • -> 1m gathering in Romania -> great place & people • -> 4 days gathering in Germany -> site only in German though :)

I met great people there and one topic was “How to create stable relationships for our kids and other kids” – like – how can we travel / move / but still have our kids create meaningful relationships with other kids. One idea of many was: let’s have freelearner bases across the world, like, 1 for each major “eco-system”, like, 1 base on a beach, 1 base in a forest, 1 base in the mountains, 1 base in the desert – well – quite dreamy stuff – nothing real there yet.

The worldwide freelearner family networks are still pretty fragmented and i’m interested in creating infrastructure to change that, like, for freelearner families with some extra features.

My veeeeeeeeeeeery early stage site for that is over here: – but i’m right now trying to somehow clear my mind on all my current projects. Sorry for random brainlog-output here :)

One other project i am prototyping / wireframing is a freelearner radar app – basically a simple geolocation & meeting app for freelearner families. Curious? Wanna help? Drop me a mail to

I recently witnessed Laura Dekker at one of the freelearner gatherings and she gave quite an inspiring talk on her adventures – in 4 days that was almost the only moment where hundreds of parents and kids where silent and listening to every single word she said: She’s now building a ship for kids to experience similar journeys:

Attention: more bad english and unsorted brain-explosions ahead 🙂

Freelearning in Germany is quite unusual as visiting schools and following state curriculum is mandatory in Germany, on the other hand this generated quite a strong movement that keeps growing – modern families really trying to level-up the education-choices for themselves / their kids / and everyone else.

That results in lots of alternative schools being founded right now, incorporating the learnings of ~100 years of alternative pedagogical methods into really modern “free” schools – which – wouldn’t have happened if their would have been free choice of homeschooling in the first place.

Mmh – not finding the right words.

Like -> state applies pressure to people who want free education -> people network and come up with concepts so strong that they conform with all state laws but still start bending them over backwards -> we end up with some pretty free and advanced schools in Germany (about 150 right now, and counting) -> still that all is just a pre-cursor to the ultimate goal of full freedom of choice regarding the education -> like, now we have 150+ free alternative schools but attending them is still mandatory -> i hope in the long run these schools will simply transform into learning centers / meeting spaces for kids and “teachers” -> right now some of these schools are more like a protective shield for freelearning families.

Aaaaaand – this long buildup explains why there’s quite a bunch of German families travelling the world to escape the limited choices inside the country.

Like, afaik in the US and in the UK/Commonwealth/Ex-UK-Colonies schools are not mandatory – in many other countries they actually are, especially in the EU.

So, what is this? Does this braindump add value to anyones life?

Yes, it shows you, dear reader, that you are not the only one with a messed up infoverdosed brain.

Did i mention that i want to found about 2ish additional startups?

  • Learning software, enabling new ways to grasp the existing human knowledge, including new visualization-approaches to create a real time map existing human knowledge, including all current theories and all new scientific papers on all topics.
  • Climate Management company, helping humanity to actually control the climate of our planet, an important skill to achieve terraforming capabilities on earth and other planets.

Well, this was a crappy blog post and a crappy writing experience in this wordpress editor – like – i normally really enjoy to write in distraction free mode in sublime text editor – and this WP editor is just killing my screen space.

Trivia: i’m currently exploring the benefits of grayscale mode on my Macbook and on my Android phone. This is actually reducing distraction and enhancing focus. Colors are screaming for attention, grayscale seemingly helps to relax my visual cortex / free more capacity for other cognitive processes.

Oh, did i mention that, in the frame of my digital marketing hacktivities, i upgrade my knowledge on brands, branding and all surrounding concepts / words / buzzwords and topics / hype-topics – and came up with the decision that i will build surveys for my customers that result in automagic branding guidelines after being filled out by my clients / all stakeholders of a company / brand.

Land search: well, i need to prioritize, and elaborate my approaches to search and buy land internationally – to me – all real estate websites seem crappy – their filters missing the features that i’m interested in and their databases showing only fractions of the markets, especially if i want to search globally.

Well, will publish this now.

Digital Madness: How to post from Instagram to WordPress? Use to post every Instagram post to Blogger, then use IFTTT to post every blogger post to WordPress. Why would i do that? The idea was to post only on ONE platform and still get all the benefits (topic “publishing chains”).


BTW: i’m getting used to this WP editor and after collapsing the side-menus this starts looking okish, and i can even simply paste images in here – and as Medium unfortunately became useless in their attempts to monetize their platform – like i’d pay Medium for a fully independent blog on my own domain. But, seemingly, i have to stick to WP for the time being – and actually – since quite a while this is the first time that i’m touching a self-installed WP again, recently i just used their fully managed service for some projects – but – for many smaller projects the managed WP setup is too expensive (you have to pay up extra to use Google Analytics for example), and too limited as well. So, my mind cleared up a little bit, “still confused, but on a higher level” (props to El Cherfe for that quote).

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