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It started with a post on Linkedin, where someone complained that banks are not investing enough in ESG businesses, this was my comment:

Well, banks don’t create businesses. We need to create the ESG businesses they can invest in, and transform the existing businesses. It just shows that there’s not a lot ESG biz out there. As soon as you start to transform businesses or create new ones you immediately see how hard it is to become truly ESG. So, for once it’s not the banks fault, it’s ours. Own it.

And now let’s transform and create.

Clean up your own market.

Knowing i couldn’t fix my market, marketing, in a minute i simply started with one commitment: #transparency

We can only discuss what we see, so start sharing data, problems and solutions so we can start solving faster.

That is one of your lifegoals: transform the current economy into an ESG economy.

Start in your corner, in your niche, and start today. Step by step. But start. Now… … ish 🙂

Link to Wikipedia ESG definition.

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