Dirty Data

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My friend Timo from DeepSkyData asked this via Email:

What data topic keeps you up at night?

Here's my answer:

Having enough data (tiny startups).

Having clean data (actually having dirty data, but wanting clean data).

Having the wrong data (having data, but not the data i want, due to bad / no tracking planning on client side; tiny startups).

Having noone who understands my insights (having insights, but communicating them to stakeholders / clients simply doesn't work; so, quite often i simply keep the insights to myself, sad).

That's about it,


Now that was depressing. Time to solve it! Let's tell more data stories. Let's get better at sharing insights. Let's create standardized data story formats, so we can tell the insights more quickly.

Well, doesn't help if the recipients don't have time or lack the will to prioritize your insights, or lack the trust to believe that your insights are actual game-changers for their business.

Like in so many business moments in life, the problem is not about the data, but about communication and trust.

In trust we trust.

In communication we trust.

Work on your data communication skills and you can improve your life and the life of others more efficiently.

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