What i learned from thinking about Elon Musk

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"Fighting Mega-Battles Everyday." ~ Gloryhammer

I had so many fights, discussions and insights about Elon Musk that it's time to create a hall of fame, shame, blame and same same but different to solve this topic once and for never.

This is not the Wikipedia on Elon Musk, so better visit it first and optimize the wiki-article instead of criticizing my post for not being elon-complete.

Here we blow! 1UP!

Elon Wins

Company success highscores achieved. Tech-tree achievements unlocked for humanity.

  1. Tesla: Kicked the global car industry's ass and forced everyone to finally produce electric cars.
  2. SpaceX: Invented and mastered re-usable rockets. Brought cost per kg delivered to space down
  3. Starlink: Brings internet to everyone, independent of earth based infrastructure.
  4. Solar-roof-stuff
  5. Hyperloop
  6. Boring company: better tunnels.
  7. Monthy Python Guard!
  8. Tesla: Cybertruck. Best concept car for cyberpunk nerds. Count me in. Kicking design-ass across all categories.

OKish business wins from the olden days:

Elon Fails

Not inhaling. Insensitive comments in public. Bad tweets happened and keep happening. Insensitive handling of the Twitter takeover and causing unnecessary pain and PR-problems.

Elon CritiX

Stuff that people, including me, criticized and criticize about Elon Musk – but where i'm not sure if i currently consider it as a win, fail, non-issue or a mix of these.

Excessive work:

  • Elon working excessively.
  • Elon demanding excessive high-intensity work from his co-workers.

Elon Media

2018-09-07: Elon in long interview on Joe Rogan 1169 on Youtube

2019-04-12: Elon in an interview by Lex Fridman 14 on Youtube

2019-11-12: Elon in an interview by Lex Fridman 49 on Youtube

2020-05-07: Elon in second long interview on Joe Rogan 1470 on Youtube

2021-12-28: Elon in long interview by Lex Fridman 252 on Youtube

2022-12-24: Elon in short interview at All-In Podcast on Youtube

Elon Trails

Random Rabbitholes that materialized when i accidentally or knowingly mentioned Elon or products related to him online.

Sidetrack 1001: Mentioned Twitter on Linkedin, witnessed the E-bomb

Mentioning Elon triggers people. Even super smart and reasonable people.

Instead of turning it into a fight, i try to learn something along the way.


Here are my replies from yet another Linkedin thread:


Reminds of Elon explaining the implementation of realtime viewcount on Twitter and that one reason that most social networks are not doing that is: events per second. Measuring and updating all views of all posts at all times and displaying them on all posts is actually a huge system-load.

Put differently: measuring and distributing data in real time can get expensive quickly and Linkedin is saving money on us, and on the expense of transparency and our user experience.

Bold prediction: Twitter product will get stronger and better than ever, Linkedin will keep locking us in the garden. Tons of options for new business networks with people that actually are at least more smart than average, if not even hypersmart. A good timeframe for supersmart micro-communities... ...hey, what about Timo's Data-Slack? Great idea!



Having a good time :)

Don't underestimate the Elongineer :)

Here's the Elon interview snippet on Youtube.

Elon might kill Twitter, on the other hand he might create a surprise comeback for Twitter together with some creative minds at Twitter – i don't know – he doesn't know, as he admits in the interview above – we all don't know – so, let's see how that tech-giant-sidestory evolves in 2023.

But let's leave Twitter and Elon alone for a moment.

I'm not a "realtime tech space" expert in any way, so simply consider me being happy at being wrong and learning more about hard facts about that space.

Which brings to the opportunity to learn something from you :)


What did / does Linkedin do for the realtime tech space?


Cool. Thank you. I didn't know that.

I basically assume that almost all humans, tech founders, CEOs and companies want to do good.

And i love it if companies give back and pay it forward to the wider ecosystem.

I really like Reid Hoffmann's "Masters of Scale" podcast, i'd possibly like him if i'd meet him, i like the basic idea of social networks, and i like and use Linkedin.

Still i try to criticize to optimize.

I know Linkedin mainly as a user, and i'm really annoyed about walled gardens (Links in posts reduce reach, which kills the concept of hypertext) and really bad access to analytics data about my own account (no reporting API for personal accounts).

There's stuff i love and hate about Linkedin, there's stuff i love and hate about Twitter - and there are a lot of things that i love and hate about both :)

I'm not an Elon-fanboy, but on the other hand refuse to turn into an Elon-hater. I respect his results and his relentless work to move things forward for humanity, without ignoring the pain caused along the way.

That said: i learned something new! Awesome!



So, 1UP for Linkedin for sharing some tech.

1UP for the tech-tree.

Aand 1UP for you :)

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