Founder's Log - Startime 2023-03-03

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Battle notes.

Creating a business is not a war, it's a peacetime game.

Isn't it?

Creating a business is a global game.

Is there global peace? Is there world peace?


So, speaking globally, we are not living in peace.

Humanity always lived in a warzone of oscillating intensity.

Maybe thinking that we are living in peace is wrong.

And thus, this business is being created in wartime.

Still i'm living in relative peace, the probability of getting shot is relatively low.

I'm not living in a zone of active armed conflict.

I'm still living in a dangerous zone, because every place is dangerous, because life is dangerous, life is fragile, and staying alive is a fight against all deadly factors in the game.

So it's a game?

It's a game.

Is it a dangerous game?

Depends on your perspective.

Zooming in.

Welcome to the agency.

We are helping about 20 companies to optimize their revenue and profitability, by optimizing their visibility, by optimizing their marketing setup and systems.

We are juggling hundreds of decisions a day with a team of ever-learning monkeypodes, aka human hypermind octopusbrains, aka wizards of the clickcraft, aka crafty clickworkers, aka creative matrixhackers, aka highscore hunters.

"No we don't give up, let's get the highscore!"

Fanatic & pragmatic.

16.03.2023 - 16:50 Uhr
16.03.2023 - 16:50 Uhr

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