Happy Hiring: How we’re hacking our hiring flow

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Happiness matters.

I’m a natural optimiser. As soon as i start working on something i start reflecting on possible improvements to my current process.

Hiring can’t be fun? Well, that sounds weird to me. Challenge accepted.

1. Creative job postings

Yes, it’s that obvious and that easy: just write lovely job postings. Fun vs. Boring 1:0.

2. Creative applications

I explicitly request creative applications, so every application in my inbox turns into a little surprise gift. And it’s fun for the people who create the application too. Win-Win. Fun vs. Boring 2:0.

3. How to hire everyone for happiness!

Simply stop rejecting people.

Instead invite them for adaptive evolution.

What am i talking about?

Create an internal learning pool and invite everyone.

Even if you can’t hire everyone right now, you can maybe hire them in the future.

Invite. Upgrade skills. Gain trust.

How do we do that?

We are starting very simple: we are inviting all applicants to our internal chat system and start learning together. They can increase their skills and understand our needs, and the other way round. We get to know each other better, mutual trust is growing. NDAs get signed. Learning is happening with real tools and real cases. First freelance tasks are being passed on. And then, one beautiful day we suddenly have adapted to each other, and have a match! You can then stay a freelancer or become an employee. Worst thing that can happen: you met a lot of interesting people and learned together. You became part of a crowd that will rise up over the years and sooner or later take over key positions across the industry – you have a real life network effect. And all that for free? Insane!

For free? Actually we are investing work into this system, so, this is definitely not for free, but for freedom. We are in this for the long run, the global marketing game is a marathon – and we are breaking away from the pack.

What’s win it for us? We get to know you, and you are all awesome, and you are all getting even more awesome by the day. And we are growing, so we’ll need more awesome people in the future – why not hang out together already? Might make things way easier when the time has come.

So, join us and jump into our brain pool for a refreshing deepdive into our collective marketing and consulting hivemind.

Bonus: even if we can’t hire you – if we know your skills and can trust you, then we can recommend you to companies who trust us.

As you can see there’s no end to the win-win-win-win-win in this.

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