Hello Mushlabs :)

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Welcome to the Mushlabs Public Pitch! Sustainable Products made from Mushroom mycelium. We love it and we would love to support you in the mission to transform the way we produce food 🙂

We are the McGrinsey-Team and would love to create a Symbiosis with your Mushroom Innovation and our Digital Marketing Skills. Please watch our little pitch where we analyze your online marketing from the outside and tell you more about us 🙂

For everyone not knowing mushlabs, here is their website: https://www.mushlabs.com/

The Video

Link zum Youtube Video

The Whiteboard

Let’s go Whiteboard-Surfing:

Link zum Miro Board

The Yeah!



The Contact.

If you are interested, let’s talk 🙂

Email: jonas@mcgrinsey.com

Choose a videocall slot that fit’s your schedule: https://calendly.com/mcgrinsey-jonas/

Happy Clicking,


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