How to handle Youtube-Handles

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How to see, set or change your Youtube Handle?

Can you handle this?

It's really this easy: Just click and visit to see all your current handle settings.

Another approach is to login to your account and navigate to:

Your Channel -> Customization -> Basic Info

Youtube handle howto and documentation

Click this link to see the official Youtube handle documentation by Google.

What are the best Youtube Handles?

Ideally stick to your brand or nickname that you are using globally across all platforms.

Apply the same principles as for naming your brand.

Youtube Handle Optimization?

What is YHO? YHO is short for Youtube handle optimization.

Is YHO real? Now it is.

Who started YHO? We didn't start the fire...

How to sell and buy Youtube Handles?

I don't know, but i bet there's a marketplace out there.

There will be demand. There will be supply. There will be trade. There will be crime.

Just as we've seen on all other major social media platforms - Instagram comes to mind.

Listen to Darknet Diaries Episode 97 if you want to know what could happen to the underground Youtube handle trade, just like it happened with Instagram.

What can i do if someone has my brand as a Youtube Handle?

"All of your handles are belong to us!"

Not in my name? All in my name!

If you have a registered trademark there might be legal ways to get access to the according Youtube handle.

I didn't encounter this case yet, and didn't do any research on this yet - any hints to are welcome.

Someone stole my Youtube handle, what can i do?

I have no idea, yet.

Please share your story with me via, then i can come up with ideas.

How to spell Youtube Handle?

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