How to use Youtube clips for funk and profit

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What is a Youtube clip?

A Youtube "clip" is a short snippet from a Youtube-Video that plays in a loop and that you can share across the web, social media and chats.

Here are 2 examples of embedded clips:

Where can i see all my Youtube clips?

Every clip you create is automatically saved in your clip collection.

You can reach your clip collection via this URL:

What can i do with Youtube clips?

You can use them to share your favourite moments in clean loops across the internet.

How do Youtube clips change the way we use Youtube?

I think Youtube clips are one step forward towards a future reality in which we can easily remix any media that humans ever created.

Youtube clips could evolve into a fully licensed media-remixing platform that enables you to become a true culture DJ.

Become a YJ, a VJ, a DJ, a CJ.

YJ = Youtube-Jockey VJ = Video-Jockey DJ = Disc-Jockey CJ = Culture-Jockey MJ = Mind-Jockey

However you call it, i see another tiny step forward for humanity. I see the potential. Just play with it and see what you can do with it.

Remix to the Future.

How to use Youtube clips for funk and profit?

For funk: just find your favourite pieces, finetune down to the tenth of a second and share these beautifully crafted loops.

For profit: see funk.

For real: i didn't figure out a way to monetize this feature yet. Will there be a new creator subgenre of YT-DJs aka YJs? Let's find out.

Never forget:

"The future is unwritten and we never know, what tomorrow brings and where we'll go."

Well, one second later a first idea came to mind how get reach monetize that later:

  • Start collecting great clips on your clips page
  • Share the clips page
  • Become one of the first and best Youtube clip loop archives
  • Have such a good collection that people keep coming back to your channels clip page

Wellwell, this idea brings up one question: is your clip page public? And if yes, what's the URL?

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