Linguistic Suicide

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Linguistic Suicide: Your mother tongue is dead. English is the future. Chinese is the past.

Note to my Publishing-Self: switch to English.

Note to Europe: switch to English.

Let’s all just stop talking German, French, Italian and whatever language you love.

It’s simply way more efficient if we all switch to English.

The future speaks English, the past speaks Chinese.

No bad feelings, prioritizing English is not a personal decision, it’s just a logical deduction.

You may like it or not: speak English or die.

Die, like, rotting in the mental isolation of your local bubble-nation.

If i would only consume information in German i would have missed out on so much incredibly beautiful information – i would hardly consider myself a complete, modern human being without it. Without English i wouldn’t be who i am – i would know less, i would be less.

It’s so sad to see people lost & locked in German or other national brainbubbles everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, i love the German language, it’s my native language, i love to play with it, dream it, breathe it, flip it, juggle it, turn it upside down and read it backwards just for fun.

But for the sake of human progress we should unify our language – and however violent the history that made English number one has been, it’s a simple fact that English is the best candidate for the current and future world language.

Even India, completely aped by the awful British Empire, overcame it, evolved, and by now more or less completely embraced it’s own style of Indian English.

And me? I speak German English.

And you? Start speaking your English right now.

Switch your input and output to English.

Switch your mind to English.

It’s quite simple, doesn’t take long and makes you a part of the mindpool of the future.

Why doesn’t the future speak Chinese?

Because it’s not a world language, it’s a bubble-language – it lives in and reinforces the Chinese bubble. The Chinese bubble is not an open garden, but a locked-down prison. I love China, like i love every place, but i don’t love totalitarian systems. China currently “lives in prison”, it’s a culture under arrest, which leads to a limited language. If China frees itself and opens up to the world, then i’m happy to embrace Chinese as another future candidate for our world language. But right now China is not a free country, Chinese is not a free language, and so Chinese can’t be the language of the free world.

As i advocate the fast route to world peace and a united world civilization, i advocate a world language as well – and English it is.

Say what you want – you are welcome to convince me of the contrary if you can.

I know, it’s sad, you lose your language, you lose your history, you lose your memories, you lose your soul. Bla.

Still you lose more if you don’t switch.

Yes, you lose your past, but you gain your future.

Lose your past, or lose your future.

Keep your past alive in your memories, visit the museum from time to time, cry, be happy, feel it – then let go again – and return to the now.

Return to the future.

Return to English.

Have nice die,


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