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Everyday i have inspiring conversations with wonderful people and very often we exchange tipps on favourite books and podcasts. I collect these tipps here and will keep updating this list to make it easy for me and you to share some highly inspiring brain snacks 🙂

Stanford eCorner with Mike Maples: Dare to do Legendary Things A full talk cleanly cut into short video snippet highlights about topics like product market fit, pricing, network effects, create new categories, go legendary, period 🙂 & Category Design Play Bigger is a book that explores the concept of “Category Design” or put differently “How to create markets that no one has thought before”. You don’t necessarily have to read the whole book, which i didn’t, but you can at least explore the outlines of, well, category design:

Masters of Scale, Podcast

Episodes: Infinite Learners Escape the Competition

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Concept & Book

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