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I love life.

I love people.

I love to cooperate.

But it’s a pain in the brain, soul, heart and ass to find the right framework for fair cooperation with co-workers, co-hackers, co-entrepreneuers, co-humans, co-people, co-interns, co-trainees, co-clickers, co-students, co-teens, co-pros and co-cos of all kinds of all multiverses. Shmultiverse.

I enjoy helping other companies to hire and train people for their teams – but i somehow am struggling to hire my own team – since – – – years.

I’m always postponing the building of my own team – because i want to build the perfect team, the best team, the most fair work environment, the bestest of the bestestes – which results – in – me – hacking alone.

Hacking complex client problems on my own is an act of pure joy for me.

Juggling all my internal back-office and paperwork is super annoying for me.

Hacking on my own gives me high levels of individual flexibility, it lets me learn, learn, learn and learn even more – since years and years and years – which created the high skillhill i’m chillin’ on right now. Chillin’? Skilling it.

Crushified. I own my game. I love to play mesmerizing marketing games for clients and i love hitting high scores, exploring secret bonus levels and collecting tons of 1UP extra lifes.

But i can’t scale myself any further. I really stretched my mind – and somehow learned to play consulting chess on a multitude of boards at the same time. But i’m hitting a limit.

I can’t scale my monetary highscore to increase my relative financial freedom to pursue yet another multitude of completely different life goals, like increasing the peace, sharing the love and healing the world – just to name a few 🙂

“Everyday i love life a little bit more… …and it loves me the same.” ~Sublime-Remix

“I love the love the love loves me right back.”

I’m still on the right track, my track, no need to fight back:

“Be true to yourself and you will never fall.” ~Beastie Boys

So, i really want to cooperate better than any other company or organization before. Right from the start. And that – seems to be stupid and impossible – and is possibly impossibly stupid.

I want an organically grown, beautiful, friendly, cooperative culture. But i don’t want to let it grow wildly. I want to plant the right seeds. I want so seed the core values. So the tree doesn’t grow wrong. Do trees grow wrong? No – they just grow – however the conditions are – they adapt.

So, i currently believe that starting the perfect team, the perfect network, with the perfect values – – – just won’t happen.

I have to start – somehow – and the evolve.

And that is damn scary – because – i don’t want to hurt people.

I don’t want to enslave people.

I don’t want people to feel “bossed around”.

But after all what i’ve seen in other companies: there’s no team without human drama. There’s no team without pain. There’s no team without tears. There’s no team without explicit or implicit turf wars and constant social status adjustments. It’s just human. We are just human animals. Humanimals. Humanity. Human E.T.s.

That’s what’s holding me back: i know that if i start to grow a team, i’ll automatically be one of the causes of future drama. Like, if i don’t start my team, there’ll be no drama in my team.

Carrying the responsibility for drama, pain, tears, misunderstanding and possibly death of my team.

My team.

That’s possibly a misconception.

It’s not MY team – it’s a team – and it consists of people – and people cause drama.

I can flip this script and instead state: as a founder of a new team i have the opportunity to reduce the drama and pain in my organization – and at the same time – i can simply face it: life is pain. Life is paint. Life is smiling. Life is love. But it’s as well a lot of pain.

I can flip this script further: i believe that i can try to create a team tribe that enables a more peaceful and joyful life for all team members than most other organization they could have joined would have created for them.

I can create a beautiful reality. Including joy and pain. Including all colors of the rainbow. Including day and night. Including all of life.

I have no idea how exactly that’s gonna unfold, but i know that i’ll never know if i don’t let i go, flow and grow.

I can at least try to hold on to a few founding principles.

Long version

  • Transparency: Making patterns visible enables us to reflect and improve.
  • Increase the peace. For all beings in all worlds.
  • Remember your dream.

Short version:

  • Transparency.
  • Increase the peace.
  • Remember your dream.

“Remember your dream is your only scheme So keep on pushing Take nothing less, than the second best Do not obey, you must keep your say You can pass the test Just move on up, to a greater day With just a little faith If you put your mind to it you can surely do it Just move on up” ~ Curtis Mayfield

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So – after reading all this – do you wanna work with me?

I’m hiring. Whatever that means: let’s cooperate. I’ve got clients, i’ve got work to do, tons of tasks, i’m making money, i increase the peace, i remember my dream, i’m moving up. Do you wanna join?

Mail me to

Things to do:

  • 360° client business optimization
  • Online marketing
  • Consulting
  • Coding
  • Internal McGrinsey organization optimization: culture, clients, contracts, clicks and chaos 🙂

Job position options:

  • Freelancer
  • Employee, part time, full time, beginners and pros
  • Intern
  • Working student


  • Scaling up McGrinsey from my one-nerd-magic to a multi-nerdimensional-singularity-tribe.
  • This means we have to balance out current client happiness and success, acquisition of new clients, onboarding of new team members and improving our internal infrastructure.
  • This is gonna be one wild ride, it’s hopefully gonna be a lot of fun with a lot of wonderful people, and you might actually get rich along the way in all possible meanings: monetary, personally, emotionally, experiencally and overally.

So, mail me now to or message me to +491604861837 so we can move on up together.

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