SEO is dead: CXO is the new SEO. Here's how to do CXO.

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CXO is Content Experience Optimization.

CXO is the new SEO.

SEO is dying, because Search Engines are dying, because AI tools are taking over.

If there are no search engines, then you can't to search engine optimization.

Fast forward: SEO is dead.

So what's next?

CXO. Content Experience Optimization.

"Video killed the radio star. AI killed the internet search."

CXO: Why and how?

It's nothing special anymore to have a pile of text that is related to your company and its products. AI tools will enable every company to have every topic related to them covered by text that has been created with the assistance of AI tools.

So, where does this lead us to?

If every company has every text for every product and every related topic: who wins?

The company with the best content experience.

CXO is unifying techniques from

  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Webdesign
  • Landing Page Optimization (LP)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • and...
  • ...brace yourselves:
  • SEO

CXO in a formula:

  • CXO = UX + UI + LP + CRO + SEO - S

Content Experience Optimization.


CXO includes managing the overall content experience across all channels of a brand.

That includes creating content creation workflows and processes that enable you to consistently deliver the highest quality content across all media and all channels.

AI and APIs will play a great role here.

A lot of the work involved will be automated, but in the beginning it needs creative minds to build this production machine in the first place.

CXO plays the role of assuring that the content creation machine, creates content that users actually love.

In CXO you measure user experience of your content by collecting various user metrics on the interaction with your content.

In CXO you create and control a continuous content optimization loop.

So, if you've been an SEO for a long time, then many of these things won't be new to you, but the focus will shift, and the name has to change.

Alternatives to naming this CXO?

AEO: AI Engine Optimization AO: AI engine Optimization CO: Content Orchestration CE: Content Engineering

I currently prefer CXO because it keeps the user in the center of attention, and that's what you need to succeed in the future of content marketing after SEO: user-centric content creation.

UX = User Experience

CXO = Content User Experience Optimization = shortened to: Content Experience Optimization.

CXO, way to go.


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