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…sometimes creating something new means sacrificing a lot… …old habits… …convenience… …the feeling of safety… …the feeling of security… …the feeling of your old self-confidence… …just to acquire new… …to ignore giant icebergs of self-doubt and simply set camp on them, live on them until they become the new normal and then slowly but surely are drifting southwards and melting away into the ocean – until they vanish – like they’d had never existed – melted – indistinguishably into the vast sea of your consciousness – your former icebergs of self-doubt turned into the ocean you are happily sailing and surfing today.

Like, take this random day today – i woke up in a hotel room – which i booked to work a day in complete isolation from family and social contacts – which i had to do – to solve the huge pile of puzzles in my mental backyard – and the tons of client tasks. From early in the morning until early in the evening i didn’t even shower, dress properly, eat anything except a few cookies and drank a few sips of water – it was a constant task-tsunami-surfing. Then a walk and a snack, all the surrounding office buildings in this industrial estate next to the motorway to Berlin were already left. I didn’t even open the curtains until 7pm, i didn’t see the people in the other building come or leave, the whole day passed, typing and clicking away in a multitude of browser-tabs.

Slack-chatting, phone-calling, video-hangouting, Google-sheeting.

Well, i don’t even know what i did all day, the list is too long to recap it her – but – things got done.

I’m close to inbox zero and even had time to write this tiny blogpost while in the waiting line for updating some insurance contracts.

And yes, i’m still hiring, well, actually, we are hiring, because i’ve already hired a freelancer / soon full time employee – which feels awesome. So, now we are already 2 experts, and we’ll keep hiring beginners and brainfirestarters:

  • Startup Consulting / Online Marketing Trainees
  • Working Students
  • Freelancers
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Other smart humans who want to be part of this journey 🙂

Curious: just mail me to 🙂

Soon to be seen in the wild again…

Today in a nameless hotel next to a nameless motorway – tomorrow on the beach with my loved ones again 🙂 Happy Exploring,


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