The smart things about smart things. Chapter 1: Smarter hiring.

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I’ve been hiring people for other companies for years, but i’ve never hired for my own company – and just really realized that i can throw all acquired bad industry standard habits over board. Whooo-Hooo!

“And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply…”

At the same time i realized that it can be quite a time-killer to innovate and create new approaches to hiring, while running at full speed. But i guess i’ll better start improving now than later, because later this whole spaceship will be flying even faster.

We at McGrinsey have high standards – when it comes to taking apart existing standards.

Resetting standards is our default.

“Break it down!”

Let’s create some new standards from scratch.

High fences? Gatekeepers? Teleportation.

Time machine? Here’s your ticket to a vision of a Global Inclusion.

The smile stays. Since now.

So, you want to become part of a truly explorative learning circle and business network?

So you are writing a beautiful application, jumping all the hoops, doing all the tests, and all you get is this lousy t-shirt?

Even in case your application fails: your smile stays. Since now.

Jump into the pool of opportunity, join the McGrinsey Learning Crowd: even if your application fails you can join the McGrinsey Learning Crowd on Slack where we develop your development – together. And when the time is ripe we can beam you aboard the mothership.

Does that mean i’m stuck in waiting limbo forever?

No, it actually means you can actively participate in enabling us to hire you faster. You can learn and get feedback, you can give feedback and help us to innovate our internal processes, and you can even get paid freelancer tasks already. We can get to know each other virtually and continuously build trust.

Is this guarantee?

No, but it is an opportunity.

Is this proven and tested?

No, but i want to test it, and prove it, together with you.

Prove what?

That applying for a job can be different, even fun, smoother, friendlier, supportive, cooperative, competitive, yes, but cooperative competition – like – let’s learn faster together and see where we can take this. It’s a game. The game of true success through mutual support – – – which is the game we want to play with all our employees and networkers.

Global inclusion?

All lives matter. Everywhere.

I want to be able to hire and cooperate globally, but i’m totally not there yet. Like, until now i hired 1 person 🙂

And now i’m looking at all your awesome applications and think to myself: What a wonderful world full of wonderful people, and i definitely don’t want to throw away a single one of these applications.

“The hard things about hard things”, a startup-podcast voice says in the back of my head, but a smarter voice answers “The smart things about smart things.” 🙂

The smile stays.

What stops from hiring globally right now?

I have to create a scalable internal task organization processes, and handle client happiness by delivering supreme service at the same time.

The first major barrier here seems to be: translation & cultural understanding.

My clients speak German, and they think German, because they are German. Yes, it’s just a label, but there’s some truth to this label.

So if i can abstract this layer and break the tasks down into single task-tetris-pieces, then i can start hiring internationally.

I want to live in a global society on a peaceful planet.

Let’s get to work by starting with work.

Let’s connect the dots.

Across all borders.

So, welcome world citizens, help me to create the global task translation and abstraction layer while creating mutual trust at the same time. If you can help me to create this global task distribution layer you are basically helping to hire yourself 🙂

“Hire if the feeling is yeah.”

“Well, then let’s just start with feeling yeah and move on from there.”

Let’s evolve through learning together and then smoothly transition to supernice onboarding.


  1. Apply to join the McGrinsey Learning Crowd.
  2. Get on board once skills are levelled and mutual trust has grown.

Details coming soon, until then simply keep sending applications to so i can invite you to join our learning community in our secret McGrinsey Treehouse Slack 🙂


“Connect to your hire self… …and then: Hire yourself!”

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