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Welcome to PodGod.

Welcome to the ultimate podcast list.

Memorize this URL now: mcgrinsey.com/podgod.

There are a lot of podcasts out there, but this is my list. Just like music, knowledge needs DJs. This is me on the brain-decks.

Of thousands of hours of podcasts i listened to, i picked the best for you.

Let's start with the names of the GodPods aka the names of the best podcasts.

Later i'll continue to the hotspots of the hot pods, aka single episode recommendations and reviews.

The ✅ emoji means that i listened to every or almost every episode.

The 📻 emoji means that i listened to very many episodes.

The ⭐️ emoji means that i highly recommend to listen to almost every episode.

The Best


Acquired.fm ✅⭐️

FoundersPodcast.com 📻⭐️

Exponent ✅⭐️

This Week in Startups 📻

Tim Ferriss 📻

20 VC 📻

Lenny's Podcast 📻

a16z ✅⭐️

Business Breakdowns

Invest like the best

Freakonomics 📻⭐️

Tech History

Darknet Diaries ✅⭐️

Commandline Heroes ✅⭐️

Internet History Podcast

Space Science & Space Industry

Planetary Radio 📻⭐️

StarTalk 📻

Science & Science Fiction

After On 📻


Huberman Labs 📻⭐

Military History / Geo-Strategy

Jocko Podcast 📻⭐

Hardcore History ✅⭐️

War on the Rocks 📻

Stratfor Podcast 📻

The Rest

To be tested

Hidden Brain

The Last Archive

Interview Pods

Lex Fridman - only some episodes are OK, voice kills me, too sleepy.

Jordan Harbinger - some good episodes

Germany - Leftovers

Deutsche Startups 📻


Exciting Commerce 📻 (Mostly how i started listening business podcasts in 2013/2014, listened to the first 150ish episodes, then stopped as i didn't learn much new anymore, i recommend to listen to 100ish episodes if you are a German native speaker and want to kickstart your Ecommerce knowledge)

SEO House 📻

The Old

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